The environment is suffering for the longest time and it needs all the help it can get. People are obsessed with so many nonsense issues these days that we fail to realize what should really matter most to all of us. The adults of today failed to maintain the lushness and richness of the environment for the future generation. It’s the reason we are now facing threats like climate change, global warming, and the rapid rising of the sea level, for instance.

The youth makes up a big chunk of today’s population. It is but wise and practical to get them involved in saving the environment because it is their future we are talking about. If they don’t act now and do their part in preserving what’s little left of the wild and basically the natural environment around us, the only place we all call home may eventually perish along with us. Of course, we don’t want that to happen. We want the human species to thrive and continue dominating the world. We can only do that if we’ll be able to pull off a miracle and stop the continued deterioration of the environment for the sake of everyone living on the planet, most especially the young ones who barely grasp the concept of living and surviving in an increasingly inhospitable planet.

Eighty per cent of Nigerian youths lack basic environmental education.  And 70 per cent of young people around the world do not care about the environment they live in.

The bitter truth won’t be found in data logged in some computers or books stacked in libraries.

The clear confirmation that we are far from nature stares us in the face: the gully erosion that swept a whole community recently, the daily depletion of the ozone layer and its cancerous effects

Then there is the air pollution that annually chokes millions of children to death around the world, the mindless exploitation of wildlife, and the list is endless. Indeed, we are disconnected from nature.

Today, how many parents will have their kids tend a garden, prune a flower, plant a tree, go  a-fishing in a local river, climb mountains, engage in environmental education or even at the least, take a long evening walk across the field? How many?


As young as they may seem, the youth must learn the concept of environment protection and be made aware of the consequences of their actions like haphazardly throwing trash, abusing natural resources, harming the animals, etc. They should learn that some mistakes are irreversible and it’s the planet that consequently suffers and us eventually.

The Interface Development Interventions (IDIS) expressed alarm over the result of a survey conducted by the University of Mindanao’s Institute of Popular Opinion showing a low interest of the youth in Davao City in environment.

“Everyone should know the impacts of climate change and everyone should contribute in addressing it, especially students. They should contribute in mitigation and adaptation measures, in their own capacity,” IDIS acting executive director Chinkie Pelino-Golle told MindaNews on Monday.

The IPO survey called “Davao Youth Situationaer” surveyed 264 youth from May 24 to 30.

It showed that only 1.1 percent of them are affiliated with environmental groups, the lowest among those engaged in sports and recreation (49%),  church and religious groups (29%), civic organizations (20%), and socio-political activities (1.2%).

Golle said she is disheartened to know only a few youth are engaged in environment organization or part of an environmental cause.


It is but morally right for the youth to take the initiative in caring for the environment but enforcing this responsibility should also be taught in schools where children spend most of their time. Teachers should continually remind these young minds that the planet is in a truly bad shape right now and it needs all the help it can get. If we don’t all unite, more species will continue to perish from the face of the planet and the time may even come that it will probably be our turn to disappear because of the havoc and destruction we have caused on our way to progress.

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