Losing weight is easier said than done. Many people can agree to this cliché. You’d only realize how hard it is to lose weight when all your weight loss efforts are to no avail considering you’ve tried it all. Obesity is a global problem nowadays. It’s easy to find the culprit when you look around you. Fast foods are the staple when it comes to eating. After all, who has the time to prepare home-cooked meals these days when we are too busy juggling multiple tasks during the day. We end up going home exhausted and the last thing we want to do is to get our hands dirty and exert more energy into preparing and cooking our food.

Processed and artificial foods are everywhere. If you take a trip to the supermarket, you’ll see that the aisles are mostly stacked with cans of processed and preserved foods. There’s only a small section that carries fresh produce like fruits and veggies and most of the time they are also loaded with chemical fertilizers. No wonder people get sick often and die early now. We live in a world that is increasingly becoming artificial and it is obvious on our weight what the world has become. It is the reason people resort to different types of diet to lose weight to regain their figure back.

It doesn’t have a sexy name, nor does it promise to score you a revenge body. But that hasn’t kept the TLC diet from trending big and getting a nutritional thumbs-up from experts. It even came in fourth on US News and World Report’s best diet rankings for 2017, scoring the fourth slot for best diets overall and 18th for best weight-loss diets.

Short for Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes, the TLC diet aims to boost heart health by optimizing your cholesterol levels—and might also result in weight loss, says Maggie Moon, R.D.N., author of The MIND Diet.

Though the plan focuses on food, physical activity, and weight management, the biggest emphasis is on making smart menu choices. 

(Via: http://www.womenshealthmag.com/weight-loss/tlc-diet)

Many would argue that the issue of obesity depends on the person but we can’t deny that access and the price of food are big factors too. You end up spending more by buying healthy and organic food than a popular fast food combo. It’s just one of those hurdles that prevent many of us from leading a healthy life that may be the key to our weight loss.

People want a magic diet, but those don’t change behavior, Ott says. Instead of fixating on carbs, as with the currently popular Paleo diet, fixate on behaviors. Think of how you can manage stress without food. Examine the messages you send yourself.

“Our thoughts define our reality,” Ott says. “Telling yourself that you’ve failed before, and therefore will never succeed, is not reality. Instead, try: Yes, I’ve failed in the past, but I’m approaching it in a new way, with a new mindset, so it’s likely I’ll succeed.”

(Via: http://www.chicagotribune.com/lifestyles/health/sc-weight-loss-tips-health-0503-20170502-story.html)

If you are struggling with your weight, you need to remember that no amount of dieting can give you the results you want. You’ll only plunge deeper and deeper into despair if you keep on setting yourself with unrealistic goals. Weight loss shouldn’t be your main goal. Your focus should be about healthy living because you’ll be able to drop all those excess pounds if your body is in a better state of health.

Experts say that while people can lose weight on a vegan diet, it’s not a guarantee. (Also, not that gaining weight is inherently a bad thing, but eating all you want—even if it’s healthy—can still affect how much you weigh).

If your goal is to lose weight, the process involves many more aspects than just what you eat and whether you follow a plant-based diet. Sure, exercise is a factor, too, but so many other things come into play. Components like stress and sleep, along with things you can’t fully control, like health conditions and hormonal fluctuations, can play a big role in your weight as well.

(Via: http://www.self.com/story/vegan-diet-weight-loss)

While it is healthy to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, adopting a vegan diet isn’t the answer to your weight woes. What you need is a balanced diet with all the right portions of fiber, meat, grains, carbs etc. for a healthy and fit body. Totally excluding a food group like fats aren’t the answer because our body needs them too, only in smaller amounts. That is the biggest misconception most people have about weight loss these days. If you start adopting a healthy and balanced diet, you’ll soon see a new and healthier you transform right before your eyes without going through drastic diets that take its toll on your health and your psyche.

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