Gone were the days when we had to do most things manually. Today, there is usually a tech device that can make your life easier and do something for you, so you no longer need to get your hands dirty. Computers can do that for you. Almost all sorts of technologies these days are powered by computers. From big businesses to the privacy of your home, computers are used for a lot of reasons, and there are certainly still a lot of passionate debates about them.

But over the years, we see the launching of weird technologies that will make you wonder whether they will indeed work. Many times we doubted the durability and sustaining power of these technologies, but apparently, many of them are still here now and even changed the way things are done these days. For instance, the birth of smartphones and other smart gadgets allowed us more freedom and flexibility in accessing the web even without the use of an actual computer or laptop, hence the rise of individuals opting to work at home and leave their conventional 9-5 office job without sacrificing their pay and job security.

So, today Microsoft is having its conference in Shanghai to announce new Surface computers. What does that mean for lawyers though, whose Outlook calendars and pleading templates work just as well on a fourth-generation Intel i5 than on a seventh-generation i7? Does it really matter what the new computers are and how fast they can do things?

The answer is yes, but not because we need faster, better computers. It’s because between the hardware changes that are coming and the software changes, manufacturers are rapidly trying to change work culture to encourage mobility and remote working. We are right in the middle of a huge work culture change, which includes law practices, and it’s being driven in part by these new things coming out.

(Via: http://abovethelaw.com/2017/05/why-lawyers-should-care-about-these-weird-computers-coming-out/)

If you look back on the computers and technologies used about a decade or two decades ago, you’d likely find yourself scratching your head and wondering how we managed surviving on such primitive technologies. But back then, those devices were actually the best that the current technologies could deliver. These technologies advanced further as the years went by.

Today, Amazon unveiled the Echo Look — a $199 voice-controlled camera designed for the fashion-forward. The sleek device listens for your command and quickly takes photos and videos of the outfit you’re wearing. It’ll even use AI to judge your outfit. 

In a lot of ways, it’s at least a little creepy. You’re basically paying Amazon for a microphone and camera to put in your bedroom. And Amazon confirms that the photos are stored on its computers indefinitely, until you manually delete them.

And of course, with Amazon’s fashion algorithms still largely unknown, I’m not sure how much you’ll trust Alexa, the name of the Echo’s built-in virtual assistant, to dress you in the morning.

Still, it’s clear that Amazon knows its niche for this new product: In the era of the professional Instagram influencer, the Echo Look offers buyers a personal fashion photographer and, perhaps, the opportunity to up their fashion game. 

(Via: http://www.businessinsider.com/amazon-echo-look-augmented-reality-computer-vision-2017-4)

People love taking selfies and posting it on social media. They take photography seriously now and it has helped create many wonderful and eye-catching posts on platforms like Instagram. The drawback here, though, is that we no longer know if those posts indeed depict real life or just made up for the sheer purpose of gaining likes or followers. Ordinary people aspire for the perfection of the photos posted by many social media influencers that it triggers feelings of depression, jealousy and insecurity. Then, there is the issue of artificial intelligence creeping slowly yet steadily into our lives yet most of us aren’t bothered about it at all.

Computers are definitely a staple in our everyday lives now and they continue to evolve over the years. Gone were the bulky boxes of yesteryears that defined the early years of personal computing technology. However, people who can’t help but reminisce of the good old times when what is obsolete now used to be the thing. It’s just normal human behavior.

People are always doubtful of new technologies. It’s a normal behavior for everything that is yet untested in the real world. Despite all these new advancements, there are chronic tech headaches that don’t seem to go away. It often has to deal with data storage and data loss. If you want to spare yourself from all these troubles, get an external hard drive for backup. Read this article to know why: https://harddrivefailurerecoveryblog.wordpress.com/2017/04/27/why-you-need-an-external-hard-drive/.

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