MacZealots is a community Web site that offers practical, in-depth information on how to use the many Apple® Macintosh® related hardware and software products offered on the market today.

Our information is presented in the form of Articles, Reviews, Tutorials and User Requests by a knowledgeable and experienced team of authors.

How is our Web site different?

Fresh IdeasMacZealots takes a different approach to explain how to use the many connected software and hardware products available for the Apple Macintosh.

We don’t just write about what a product can do. We write how to use the product and explain in detail how the software or hardware can work for you.

We provide straight-forward, non-biased, vendor neutral, factual information, with an emphasis on how (or why) an end-user might want to use a specific product. We present “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” with the hope of providing the most detailed, informational site dedicated to the Macintosh community.

A unique aspect of our Web site is the open relationship developed and encouraged between our authors with our valuable readers and community: MacZealots.

While other Web sites might take reader requests, MacZealots openly supports readers requesting and suggesting articles, tutorials and reviews they would like to see written.

Many times something that can help one person solve a challenging problem or overcome a difficult situation can benefit many more people. Just because there isn’t anything on the Web about a particular subject doesn’t mean it’s not valuable enough to be explained or written about.
Who are MacZealots?

Who? Why?MacZealots are people just like you. Some of us are students, some of us work full-time, and some of us even run our own businesses.

The staff at MacZealots is technically savvy people, who love computers, adore the Internet and all have one common passion: we prefer to use the Apple Macintosh as our de facto computing platform of choice.

We use Apple products daily to improve all aspects of our lifestyles. We listen to music on our iPods, keep in touch with our families on our Macs, do homework, develop Web pages and create software on our Macs.

We write about our experiences, knowledge, opinions, and insights on how to have your Macintosh work for you, whether it’s for your business, academics, research or personal recreation.

Our Web site exists for you, is driven by you and is enriched by the best community in the world.

We are MacZealots.
The goal of MacZealots:

MacZealots aims to provide a comprehensive source of information for students, professionals and consumer Macintosh enthusiasts. We do this by offering weekly articles, reviews and tutorials on software, hardware and peripherals for the Apple Macintosh community.

Our VisionMacZealots was created out of the vision for increasing consumer education, and for better filling the information gap between software and hardware companies and end-users.

MacZealots strives to remain a professional and focused Web site providing the most detailed information dedicated to the Macintosh community .

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