How has Activism Changed These Days?


There have been many changes in the world today and humans react differently to all these changes. Some we may like while others we may openly oppose but that is the beauty of the free world. Freedom allows people to freely express their opinions in the hopes that you will also respect the opinions of others. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. We can only wish and hope for real world peace but it is one mystery we can never seem to fathom. On a larger scale, activists go out to the streets to make their voices be heard and make a stand. It is a picture we are quite familiar with and have seen for centuries.

On the outside, activism looks the same despite the passing of time. But is that all there is to it? Now that the marketplace has gone global and people from all walks of life have access to information that was unheard of in the past and it has an impact to the way people rise above the clatter and fight for …

Microsoft On Software Updates And Other Upgrades


The World Wide Web basically runs the world today. Almost everything that makes the world go round now is connected to the web as evident with the growing power and influence of the Internet of Things. Almost all homes have a computer or two or another computing device to address their digital needs. And while there are opportunities that you can explore, there are also dangers. Now that crooks know where the public’s play place is, they also target cybercriminal activities where the people are. As a precaution, there are software updates one can install to safeguard your device from viruses and other online bugs that may corrupt your system and render it useless aside from stealing your precious data.

However, some of these updates require users to pay for premium upgrades especially if they just started on the free ones. Fortunately, Microsoft is doing something about it and are cracking down on these programs that coerce users into shelling out a lot of money in exchange for better protection and services. But Microsoft is no longer happy that …

Parenting Done Right


Nobody teaches one how to become a parent. You learn as you go and it all starts once you first welcome your little one. Mixed emotions: that’s what one feels once they meet their little bundle of joy for the first time. As your child grows, you also grow as a parent. There are ups and downs but you can never really tell at that time how one decision will turn up to be later on. Sometimes, you just got to enjoy the ride but wouldn’t it be nicer if someone older or has more experience at parenting than you teach you a tip or two on how to become a better mother or father to your child. Well, that’s what grandparents are for or any older relative or friends that can serve as your support system as you make your way into parenthood one day at a time. There may be fails at times but you always learn something new each day.

The world may be a scary place right now but your support system far extends beyond …