How has Activism Changed These Days?


There have been many changes in the world today and humans react differently to all these changes. Some we may like while others we may openly oppose but that is the beauty of the free world. Freedom allows people to freely express their opinions in the hopes that you will also respect the opinions of others. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. We can only wish and hope for real world peace but it is one mystery we can never seem to fathom. On a larger scale, activists go out to the streets to make their voices be heard and make a stand. It is a picture we are quite familiar with and have seen for centuries.

On the outside, activism looks the same despite the passing of time. But is that all there is to it? Now that the marketplace has gone global and people from all walks of life have access to information that was unheard of in the past and it has an impact to the way people rise above the clatter and fight for …

Microsoft On Software Updates And Other Upgrades


The World Wide Web basically runs the world today. Almost everything that makes the world go round now is connected to the web as evident with the growing power and influence of the Internet of Things. Almost all homes have a computer or two or another computing device to address their digital needs. And while there are opportunities that you can explore, there are also dangers. Now that crooks know where the public’s play place is, they also target cybercriminal activities where the people are. As a precaution, there are software updates one can install to safeguard your device from viruses and other online bugs that may corrupt your system and render it useless aside from stealing your precious data.

However, some of these updates require users to pay for premium upgrades especially if they just started on the free ones. Fortunately, Microsoft is doing something about it and are cracking down on these programs that coerce users into shelling out a lot of money in exchange for better protection and services. But Microsoft is no longer happy that …

Parenting Done Right


Nobody teaches one how to become a parent. You learn as you go and it all starts once you first welcome your little one. Mixed emotions: that’s what one feels once they meet their little bundle of joy for the first time. As your child grows, you also grow as a parent. There are ups and downs but you can never really tell at that time how one decision will turn up to be later on. Sometimes, you just got to enjoy the ride but wouldn’t it be nicer if someone older or has more experience at parenting than you teach you a tip or two on how to become a better mother or father to your child. Well, that’s what grandparents are for or any older relative or friends that can serve as your support system as you make your way into parenthood one day at a time. There may be fails at times but you always learn something new each day.

The world may be a scary place right now but your support system far extends beyond …

Computer Coding: A New Life Skill


The digital world has come and will stay. That’s the reality of our modern life. Progress, as well as high quality companies like this will just keep pushing technology forward and totally transform the world that we know of. Since nothing remains constant, it is but a must to update yourself on all these changes especially if you are a young student or a professional that has more to gain if you know a lot about these things.  You can’t do away with technology since it is used wherever you go. As the Internet of Things become more widespread and everything is essentially connected to the web one way or the other, you also need to level-up your computer skills and you can only do so if you learn more about coding.

Kids these days grew up in an environment that is run by technology. They can comfortably navigate their way in any computing platform much easier than most adults do. And since they are the future of the world in general, why not start them young and make it …

Walmart Is The Next Big Thing In Advertising


Businesses come up with all sorts of tricks to keep on making money and luring people to spend more. And believe me, it is a must if you want to stay relevant amidst all the competition these days. Even big brands become unknowns if they fail to innovate and keep up with the times. It happened with Nokia. Who would’ve thought that the most-loved mobile phone maker will be swallowed whole by Apple and Samsung and just about every other smartphone maker that followed suit? But then, it happened so we now know nothing is impossible in this world.

Aside from innovating, advertising is crucial so that consumers remember you first when they think of a product or service in your industry. Many got their eyes glued to advertising because of the influx of money in that industry and Walmart isn’t the type to get left behind. You’ve probably heard about Spotify making its attempt on it but you probably weren’t updated on Walmart’s subtle yet increasing growth in the field of advertising. Consumers who shop at Walmart whether both …

The Threat Of Killer Robots


Technology keeps on pushing humanity’s limitation and surprises us with the many innovations that are possible with the right tools and technology in hand. We have seen it firsthand as to how consumer gadgets have proliferated over the past few decades. Virtually everyone now owns a smart gadget or two and even kids can very well navigate any screen, big or small. Even vintage gadgets are making comebacks but with a modern twist and people are still buying it. Yet, as thrilled and grateful as we are for the sheer comfort and convenience afforded to us by modern technology, it remains to be a flawed system that is full of loopholes, mysteries, and risks.

We have seen time and again where robots were depicted as the bad guys in many mainstream movies or series. The plot often reveals that these robots apparently learn how to think for themselves and became a tool for destruction rather than help uplift human lives. Now, there are people telling us this could also be our reality if scientists keep on pushing for tech innovations

American Healthcare Remains To Be Undefined


There are many things that remain a mystery to us even with the passing of time. And to us citizens of America, nothing is more perplexing than the state of our healthcare delivery system. Ever since President Trump assumed office, he openly attacked the Obama’s Affordable Care Act or Obamacare and vowed to get rid of it while he is in office and that is exactly what he has been doing for the past months. He has been known to pressure Republican legislators both in the upper and lower house to repeal Obamacare as soon as possible but that still has not happened until now.

Well, it’s true that nation-building and simply running a nation is entirely dependent on who’s on power. In this case, it’s a total newbie to politics who is focused on rebuilding America’s greatness and with a strong sense of American spirit. Sounds good, right, but not really. His somehow racist mindset is rubbing off on his actions and he is barely making any progress in realizing the platforms he promised during the last election. And …

Children Don’t Get The Mental Health Support They Need


Children are precious to us especially if you are a parent to one. It is why seeing your own sweat and blood suffer from some inner demons seem unbearable for any parent. But that is the reality a lot of kids now face. As the population balloons, it isn’t a guarantee that they’ll have the support they need as they brave each new day in their life. Bullying has worsened because it has now taken a new platform – digital. And kids these days often have their own smart gadgets and access to Internet 24/7 that exposes them to a different type of danger.

It becomes even doubly harder for the youth to cope to all these clutter in our modern world because aside from busy parents and guardians that are no longer able to fulfill their obligation of rearing and guiding a child, kids end up confused and easily swayed by negative people. Mental health issues take different forms and it is difficult to spot one especially that kids these days lead more solitary lives – lost in their …

Body Image Issues Among The Youth


We all know that physical appearance is not everything in this world yet we can’t entirely discredit its value. After all, face value is what we see first and not exactly what a person is thinking about. Over our lifetime, our body changes so are our body image. And our perception about the way our body looks, whether it is good or bad, also varies depending on our level of maturity. It is easier for adults to make peace with their outward flaws because they know better but not young kids and teens. At this point in their life, social acceptance means a lot to them and they aren’t mature enough to feel confident about themselves regardless of how they look.

The influence of one’s peers is very important to children because that is how they equate their value as a person. They may easily get offended or hurt by what other people say especially when it pertains to negative things regarding their body. And body image issues may lead to bullying that can have a big impact on a …